Architects & Interior Designers

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Architecture is more than just aesthetics. Architecture needs to respond creatively to contemporary cultural, economic, social and environmental factors. We fully understand the challenges which architects have to face and the importance of architectural work in modern times.
Michael Pachleitner Group
Also light plays an important role in architectural work to make the most out of the architectural concept. The English historian Thomas Fuller once said:

“Light, God`s eldest daughter, is a principal beauty in a building.”

We fully understand the importance of luminaires which have to be integrated into the architectural design to create the big picture and to bring the architectural work to perfection. We see it as our objective to supply architects with high quality and innovative products which support the architectural concept.
House of Music
Furthermore we want the finished product to have a positive effect on everyone who experiences it. That’s why we want to be a part of the big picture to make architectural concepts happen and to provide the architectural concept with its principal beauty, LIGHT.

Our core areas of expertise

  • Commercial
  • Medical
  • Pharma / Cleanroom
  • Retail
  • Infrastructure / Government
  • Industrial applications
  • High educational and specification residential

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